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The Partnering Agreement Scorecard

This publication addresses a key factor in the creation of successful partnership: the purpose and content of partnership agreements. Partners who invest time in designing and negotiating a detailed agreement will create a more effective framework within which they can work. They will also lay a foundation of sustained co-operation through enhanced mutual understanding.

Good partnership agreements can make a significant contribution to the structure of good partnerships – and ultimately define their success.

This guide, which is a joint production of PEP founding partners TPI and PRC, includes an overview of the nature and value of agreements. It also includes a tool for the construction and review of agreements. The Scorecard will be of value to any organisation that contemplates setting up a new or reviewing an existing partnership. The document provides a shorthand of the most critical questions that should be addressed when developing a partnership. It also offers a structure for generating and assessing an agreement which should fit the initial needs of most partnerships.