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Scaling Up Nutrition

SUN is a country-led movement, operating in 57 countries, aiming to end malnutrition in all forms by 2030. It is one of the most interesting and active forms of multi-stakeholder collaboration currently in operation.

A global hub provides a platform to support multiple actors to tackle malnutrition at a country level, including via an active online forum.  SUN is steered by a movement coordinator, an appointment made by the UN Secretary General.

During 2015 SUN carried out an independent comprehensive evaluation, the details of which have been published in full on its website. As a result of the evaluation, a number of changes were made to strengthen and refocus efforts, including an overhaul of its stewardship arrangements.

There is dedicated SUN business network, currently operating in 29 countries.

The experience of this multi-stakeholder movement has significant wider lessons for other partnering efforts on many aspects of the SDGs, far beyond nutrition.


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