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Collaboration for the SDGs

In order to achieve the SDGs, collaboration needs to take place at a scale not witnessed before. This is incredibly hard. But it’s essential. And it can be done.

A technology-enabled global ‘partnering support system’ offers part of the solution. This system includes those who are already involved in partnerships. It also includes those who are:

  • brokering partnerships;
  • offering consulting support to partnerships, including through monitoring and evaluation;
  • providing funding to build partnering platforms and infrastructure;
  • undertaking research to analyse, learn from and improve partnering experience;
  • developing showcasing and advocacy initiatives; and
  • offering training courses to build individual and organisational partnering capacity.

These six support areas form the basis of the filtering categories on this website.

This global support network can enable more rapid exchange of knowledge and experience. This helps avoid duplication of effort, identify gaps and increase the likelihood of systemic change.

The report has been produced for PEP by The Partnering Initiative.

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