Rules of engagement for effective partnrering

There are no quick fixes for partnering, and one collaboration model does not fit all. However, a number of rules of engagement can be identified to support effective partnering. We can:

1.     Break through our assumptions and preconceptions about each other

2.     Recognise and relish diversity as an asset rather than a problem

3.     Properly value the many kinds of different contributions each partner brings

4.     Develop new skills in partnership-building, collaboration brokering and collective leadership

5.     Understand the systems and contexts in which our partnerships operate

6.     Apply the highest standards to all our partnering endeavours

7.     Invest in the partnering process in order to optimise engagement

8.     Learn and be prepared to change course on the basis of growing insights

9.     Be modest in understanding our own limitations and abilities

10.  Keep our eye on the ball: partnering is a means to an end