Mutual Engagement

An effective partnering endeavour needs to build strong mutual understanding and engagement. Mutual engagement happens where there is a consistent, co-created, and responsive pattern of interaction among partners. Such interactions shape the partnering culture and its practices. It is also important that partnering projects create mechanisms for regular dialogue and involvement that ensures a high level of participation, and fosters joined learning and joined reviews. Constructive and well-facilitated dialogue is key, as well as regular active engagement in designing and delivering programmes of work. It is useful to enshrine such values and working practices in a formal collaboration agreement.


  • How do partners assure that all are engaged and value each other’s contribution?
  • How do partners ensure equity?
  • How do partners deal with ‘disruptive’ colleagues?



  • Partners are satisfied with the quality and quantity of the contributions of the other partners
  • Provisions relating to organisational goals have been included in the MoU and/or partnering agreement.