Strategy and Partnership Development

Establishing strong foundations is an important precondition for effective partnering. Preliminary steps should take into account the complementarity and diversity of the partners and how this will work for the benefit of the initiative at hand. A thorough, preferably jointly undertaken, analysis of what is needed and a collaborative planning process will help to ensure the collaboration has a strong and shared sense of purpose. Such an approach also needs to ensure added value to all parties. Partnering ventures that are not aligned in their ambitions and/or expectations are likely to be sustainable.


For effective strategy and partnering activity development PEP recommends:


  • Report: Formalised partnerships are not always necessary (nor feasible). There exists a continuum of partnering forms that should be considered when looking for appropriate strategies for SDGs. Further reading: PrC (2011) From Platform to Partnership.
  • Report: TPI’s Zambia Partnering Toolbook contains a series of tools on building an effective partnering strategy, and offers a fictionalised case study showing how different tools are relevant at different stages of a partnership.