Results Orientation

Partners need to keep the goal in sight, as well as continuing to pay attention to each other. This requires a balancing act: always keeping highly focused on immediate activities without losing the context of the bigger vision and goals. All partners should be able to articulate the links between the activities they undertake and the outcomes and impacts they intend to achieve.

To maintain this balance of focus, it is important to maintain a wider systems perspective and to avoid ‘tunnel vision’ that may lead to losing sight of the larger aspirations of the collaboration. It may be useful to invite external parties or research institutes to act as ‘devil’s advocate’ or to offer observations and reflections on the partnering process and the outcomes and possible impacts of the initiative over time. Critical reflection on unintended and spill-over effects can also be useful.


  • How focused are we on delivering tangible results?
  • How can we ensure that partners are able to keep a broader view of the collaboration initiative and the achievement of results?
  • How robust are the (short, middle, long term) outcomes?
  • What is the value added for the specific SDG that is addressed?
  • How will the results materialise / become tangible?



  • Partners are all able to articulate the link between goals, activities, value addition and intended outcomes
  • Operational plan in place and guiding implementation
  • Partners take on leadership roles as appropriate
  • Key Performance Indicators are at outcome / impact level (not just output level)