Partnership Management

Fostering an atmosphere of continuous collaboration, where collective intelligence and breakthrough thinking can emerge, is not an easy task. Yet it is exactly this challenge that partners face in order to arrive at effective solutions that the SDG challenge demands.

Focused attention on the organisation and partnership management of a high-level collaborative process is essential. This includes the investment of reliable and sufficient resources in the collaboration process among partners.

It might help to appoint an independent partnership broker to guide the emergence of this and to ensure that all partners have clear roles, tasks, and responsibilities, and at the same time create an inspiring way of working that supports collaborative approaches. This may include the entry of new partners or the exit of existing partners.


  • How do partners assure the optimal set of required partners to address the issues at stake?
  • How do partners foster a collaboration culture, including the required resources?
  • How can partners build and reinforce their collaborative mind-set?


  • Report: Working with Stakeholder Dialogues, Kuenkel, Gerlach, Frieg. Based on CLI’s experience in process support and capacity building, this practical guide supports you in planning, implementing, and evaluating successful, result-oriented consultation and cooperation between different stakeholders. Also available in German, French & Arabic. Available for purchase here.
  • Tool: For an overview of the value of appointing a partnership broker see box 3: Potential roles for Brokers in the Partnering Cycle on page 12 of ‘What do Partnership Brokers do? An inquiry into Practice’, PBA.


  • Allocation of resources to collaboration management
  • Clarity of roles and responsibilities and ground rules for collaboration