New to Partnering?

Welcome to the PEP website! If you’re here, you’re interested in partnering practice but haven’t had much or any experience. But, that’s not a problem. PEP is happy you’re here and wants to help you find your way into the partnering field.

The partnering field has been growing for more than twenty years but it’s only recently come into the spotlight because of the world community’s agreement to pursue the Sustainable Development Goals. This agreement has made clear that in order to deliver development, everyone needs to work together!

However, if you are new to the field, you may find getting a grasp on partnering is difficult. The field is complex and it takes time and patience to become familiar with the terminology and ways of addressing complex partnering processes. As we say in our introductory video, there is no such thing as a step-by-step guide for partnering. It’s a bit like asking for a step-by-step guide for a relationship: each situation is unique. You can take what is useful from others, but ultimately you will need to find your own way.

In order to try and help, PEP has curated and organised partnering knowledge in a way that is intuitive and useful. Try the ‘factor navigator’ on the home page, or the filters on the ‘resources’ page, or the search function at the top of each page.

Or perhaps you have a specific question, and need some assistance to find your way to the relevant section of the site. We’ve tried to imagine your questions in the list below, which take you to the page that will give you the best answer.

Why is partnership management so different from project management?

What should I bear in mind before starting a partnership?

Can I structure my partnership at a global level and then implement it around the world?

How will I know whether or not my partnership has been effective?

What if I don’t know or trust my partner organisations?

How will my organisation benefit from being involved in a partnership?

What happens if I want to leave a partnership?

What skills are needed for effective partnering?

What are the risks, pitfalls and unintended consequences of partnerships?

How do we engage the private sector?

What are the basics of partnering? (pp 6-9 of this report) (pp 5-9 of this report)

If you have a specific question not listed above, and can’t find what you are looking for in any other way, please feel free to contact PEP and we will get back to you directly. These questions will be revised and added to, in response to feedback.