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Water partnership: Inter-schools competition

PEP founding partner, Partnerships in Practice, has developed a partnership model to improve Water and Sanitation through the education sector, based on an inter-schools competition. The model is freely available to use as a learning resource, or as a partnership solution for those looking for an innovative approach to improving WASH outcomes.

In the words of its originator, PiP associate Jacques-Eduoard Tiberghien, implementation of the partnership would require an individual with three foundational assets: partnering capacity; knowledge of failure of working in silos on WASH; and decision-making power / organisational influence. These three ingredients are rarely found in one person and raises some basic questions: where do partnerships come from, how can we get better at ensuring the right partnership solution, and how do we build a worldwide cadre of people with this cross-cutting capabilities?

A short video setting out the concept is available here:

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